Don't Be Afraid of the Dark
Basic Information
Type Plot / Pasadena
Status Development
Additional Information
Sphere Any
Faction Gaian / Traditions / Anarchs preferred
ST Wyck-ST
Troupe Any
Associated Conventions
Clean Slate

The black fog that killed five people is no more, but questions remain unanswered. The connections between the five victims lead one to believe that this is not an ending but just a beginning. 

  • This is basically a quest to continue the investigations into the deaths and possible motivations / origin of who or what may have called the Black Fog to kill them.


This plot is located in the Grey city of Pasadena. There's enough mix between the bright corporate world and the undocumented darks that could make this into an interesting story.

RP HooksEdit

  • Investigation RP
  • Scavenger Hunt RP
  • Street-Level RP
  • Law Enforcement RP
  • Occult RP
  • Medium / Wraith RP?
  • Bureaucratic RP


  • Five people have been 'murdered'. (3 darks, 2 Bright)
  • Though the Stig-Martyr are still waiting dental recognition from the piles of bones - several eye witness have described seeing the victim walking on the street, consumed by the fog and only the bones and clothes remain.
  • The victims are seemingly random, having no commonality to them.
  • The 'fog' moves about the city, never appearing in the same place twice.


Look to the fog

Look to the fog

  • Vampire: It is not impossible for a Lasombra's shadows to be mistaken for a 'black fog' and they are behind this - but to what end?
  • Mage: Black Fog? Well - that's one way of hiding one's effects from the mundanes - but why strip the bones?
  • Garou: Every place where skeletons have been found after the fog hit reeks of death energy and, oddly enough, a combination of Wyld and Wyrm.



Updates to the plot will be listed here as well as criteria by which your character might learn of them.