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Death Valley Prison Complex
Death valley prison.jpg
Basic Information
Type Regional Theme
Status Bright Zone
Additional Information
Sphere Mortal
Faction MetSec
Associated Conventions


The Death Valley Prison Complex (DVP or DVPC) is an ultramax-security prison maintained by the LATMA Consortium (managed by MetSec).


Rumors abound about the prison beyond the northern border of LATMA; people sent there never return. Does it even really exist? Or is it just some elaborate bogeyman to keep the masses in line, and the people "sent" there were actually just eliminated and disposed of?

No, there is truth to this legend; even in LATMA there are individuals (both Bright and Dark) who the Consortium can't simply eliminate for one reason or another. So they're sent to DVP. Sometimes, rarely, they come back. But never the same and always a shell of their former self. There's even rumors that DVP maintains a secret research facility for captured O47 violators, but absolutely no one has been able to confirm that with any reliability. MetSec and the Consortium flatly deny it.


Managed by MetSec on behalf of the Corporate Consortium.

Old School DM[]

Death Valley Prison is a very nasty place. There is something wrong with the tapestry in this location.

All Arete rolls are at a +4 diff (max 10), the gauntlet is 9, all Gnosis and rage rolls are also at a +4 diff. Werewolves are affixed with a cybernetic device in their brain before being shipped here that shocks them unconscious (reverting to breed) before the cybernetic device is damaged. Only homid Garou are ever shipped here.

There is a secret facility that houses vampiric creatures here as well. The same strange effect that hampers magick users also effects static magic effects (disciplines, gifts, numina) making them a +4 difficulty as well. Breaking out of Death Valley is theoretically possible, but realistically if there've been more than a couple of early escapees, they aren't talking. Grizzled bad-asses guard the facility, some of them are border-line or actual fomori, simply created by natural bane (umbrood) possession. MetSec maintains a high security interrogation lab here.

The facility its self is modern in some portions and strangely archaic in others. It houses about 22,000 inmates on a 3,600 acre piece of land. The housing building itself is four stories. Electronic and mundane surveillance exist in random locations. Neither the layout of the building, nor details of its security measures seem to exist in any database, and those that get out of DVP- or those that claim they have- seem to have trouble recalling what it is like.