A 'Dark' person is a person who does not have a Social Security Number meaning that they do not legally exist within the corporate structure of LATMA. Dark individuals can still hold jobs and have lives it's just much more difficult for them to do the same things as 'bright ' people.

Think of a 'Dark' person as an illegal alien or 'undocumented worker'.

Dark zones are areas (or cities) mostly populated with Dark citizens. 

Dark LifeEdit


If you were lucky, you were born in a privately owned and run hospice or shelter. The staff, more or less, did what they could to make your arrival into the world as safe as possible. You had a small amount of care before you were released to your mother. Provided your mother could pay. If not, you were kept by the staff and sold, either into adoption or slavery (sometimes into something worse). If you were unlucky, you were born in a bathroom, in a hallway or in a back alley. Odds are, you never knew your mother. You are not recognized as being a citizen and you have no official identification.


Chances are high that you lived on the street,or at least, on your own as soon as you could walk. Your parent (if you were lucky enough to have one, let alone two) was seldom around, either working several jobs or johns, strung out on some drug or trying to stay as far away from you as possible. If you weren't pressed into the porno industry, you probably joined a gang or subculture at an early age. These youths became your 'family'.

If you were lucky, you lived with your parent in development somewhere where darks and brights co-exist. You take the TUBE where ever you want to go. Perhaps you lived in a dark neighborhood, on the street. You huddled with others whose name you will probably never know. Sometimes the shelters would have an opening. Or maybe, you lived with your gang. A territory was claimed and fiercely guarded. You lived there with the others and drove off intruders.

If you have siblings, chances are good that you don't know who they are or have never met them.


Dark Convention ElementsEdit

(Use Convention/Dark)

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