Damnation City is a convention which utilizes the suppliment of the same name.

In Primacy, the core gameplay is largely unchanged. A Primacy character can do anything an ordinary Vampire character can do if she’s willing to expose herself to physical harm by going out into the World of Darkness and doing things herself. Stories in which the characters do things themselves are, therefore, played as typical Vampire stories between Primacy turns.

When “pulled back” to the level of lofty politics and manipulations, Primacy play has a few distinct changes from regular Vampire play. For one, a Primacy character’s Attributes are used a bit liberally. The assumption is that masters lead their Assets by example. Thus, a vampire with great Composure has Assets that gain confidence from her grace under pressure and draw on her Composure when taking action on her behalf. A vampire with great Stamina has Assets that learn to suffer and endure by pushing themselves harder with the knowledge (and fear) of what they may be forced to suffer if they do not.