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A "Consortium" is a collection of corporate powers which form a corporatocracy in which citizenship depends on one's allegiance to a corporation, and lack of citizenship means no rights at all. There are many corporate consortiums across the world, but when people speak of "The Consortium", they're generally referring to the one they live under. In this case, the LATMA Consortium.


The Consortium is LATMA's governing body, and is made up of the CEOs of the most influential corporations. Given that the Consortium has absolute authority in LATMA, individual corporations are constantly jockeying for position to be one of the few pulling the strings.

While the actual extent of the LATMA Consortium's strength and reach is the subject of rumor, it acts as a faceless dictatorship protecting the Bright citizens of LATMA, providing for their needs in a territory surrounded by the wastelands and other hostile powers.


The Los Angeles Tijuana Metropolitan Area is ultimately governed by a confederation of corporations called the Cooperative Management Consortium, also known as the CMC, the Corporate Consortia, or the Consortia. (The Co-Op is another, more derogatory name that is sometimes heard.) Its structure is not unlike that of the Roman senate, with each 'senator' possessing a certain number of votes based on a variety of factors, such as corporation size, vested interest in the LATMA region, public popularity, and so on. A corporation that obtains a place on the Confederal Board, as it is called, also has to pay for its seat, contributing an amount of funds into the community till that is in direct relation to the number of votes that it possesses.

The CMC keeps itself relatively distant from the jobs of day-to-day governing and maintenance. These tasks are handled either by the collection of bureaus and departments established and funded by the Consortia, or by other corporations and businesses that have been contracted for specific jobs (the TSA, MetSec, and ComSec, for example). Instead, this body focuses on the bigger picture, and oversees the region as a whole. Laws, ordinances, policy, and funding are all ultimately dictated by the Consortia.

Board MembersEdit

  • Bank of North America
  • The Diamond Company
  • DMS Multiware
  • Europa Financials
  • MTN Mitsubishi Toyota Nissan
  • Royal Western Insurance Company
  • Vernier-Lockheed-Boeing
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