Conor Brannon
Basic Information
Concept Wanderer
Age Unknown
Status Dark
Nature  ?
Demeanor  ?
Detailed Information
sphere Vampire
group Gangrel
faction Sabbat
position Templar
Troupe The Fallen

"Everyone's got demons..."

Recent HistoryEdit

(Lore Sabbat 3+ and Investigation 3+)

Conor has been a Nomad for a number of years, traveling between cities embattled with the Camarilla or the NAE. The core of his pack numbers no more than half a dozen, but in times of war, shovelheads are used to increase their numbers.

(Lore Vampire 2+ and Investigation 4+)

Conor is Rook's sire.


Conor can be vicious, darkly-funny, and wild, depending on a given situation.

RP HooksEdit

  • While not specifically in charge of anything, Conor is a good contact for players looking for an in on Sabbat role-play. He can be found in any 'Sabbat-controlled' areas depending on the needs of the players.


Changeling I dunno what tha' is.


Kill 'em all.
Mortal Food.
Mage Spicy food.


Some're ok. Most are fulla' themselves.
Wraith I'll believe it when I see it.
Vampire Camarilla: Pretenders to a false throne.

Notable StatsEdit

7th Generation Country Gangrel-Antitribu

  • Celerity: Dot-filledDot-filledDot-filledDot-filledDot-filled Dot-filledDotDotDotDot
  • Dominate: Dot-filledDot-filledDot-filledDotDot
  • Fortitude: Dot-filledDot-filledDot-filledDot-filledDot-filled
  • Potence: Dot-filledDot-filledDot-filledDot-filledDot
  • Presence: Dot-filledDot-filledDotDotDot
  • Protean: Dot-filledDot-filledDot-filledDot-filledDot-filled

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