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A division of MetSec, ComSec (Communications Security) keeps an eye on Matrix activity within its scope, which, per its contract with the LATMA Consortium, includes all electronic systems and communications within the LATMA Metro.


ComSec was originally a separate company, part of the Amaterasu Consortium, and it was the ComSec R&D department that developed and implemented the original Matrix. Since the rise of the neighboring Hind-Manchu Empire, Amaterasu's influence has waned, and due to outside pressure, ComSec eventually fragmented. The security division was bought out by the Metropolitan Security Corporation, and became MetSec's Matrix Security department.


Like MetSec, ComSec has carte blanche authority when it comes to Matrix security within the LATMA Metro. Given ComSec's ability to peek into every corner of every corporation's databases, this can make Consortium members very nervous. (See MetSec:Politics for more details.)


Like MetSec, ComSec simply doesn't have the manpower to police the entire Matrix, and so a huge percentage of this oversight is automated, with humans intervening only when triggered alarms indicate that sentient response is required or when the target is particularly valuable. Mirroring the MaxTac department's policies, ComSec often operates like an online SWAT team, intervening only when local security procedures are unavailable, overwhelmed, or otherwise incapable of handling the problem.


ComSec walks a thin line when the security of a corporation requires accessing that corporation's private networks. MetSec Management tries keeps the Consortium happy by broadly interpreting ComSec's right to preemptive security to include anything that the Consortium may deem a threat. This can range from anti-consortium propaganda to piracy sites. Even though these targets may not constitute much of a real threat, Management makes sure a few of them get taken out every so often, keeping the Consortium happy.

Old School DMEdit

The Amaterasu consortium spread word of it's achievements and requested that areas wishing to host a OPpTI server to submit a proposal for the privilege. ComSec was one of the first to make a bid and developed their infamous ICE Fortress as part of the proposal. ComSec (along with many other 'Secs' across the globe) were brought into the Amaterasu Consortium and given the funding they needed to be the military arm of the Amaterasu Consortium. If hackers were going start a fight the Consortium was going to fight back. These Secs are powerful and shadowy Matrix security corporations who network with one an other to ensure the safety and stability of the Matrix. Highly secretive, they let Amaterasu Consortium maintain standards and implementing innovations and upgrades across the network where as the Secs are responsible for ensuring that the current network is not compromised. They do so with an iron fist.

With army at their disposal, Amaterasu Consortium provisioned OpTI servers across the globe. By 2017 the Matrix went global and Brights began to jack in.

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