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Clean Slate
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Basic Information
Type Sphere Convention
Additional Information
Sphere Any
ST Wyck-ST
Troupe Any
Associated Conventions
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The Clean Slate Convention is a 'blanket' convention that adopts the idea that the Spheres have been essentially 'rebooted' to accommodate for the lack of players on the game.


(All of these conventions are assumed to be just within LATMA and the surrounding territories. Below are listed a few of the main conventions that are used)

  • The Broken Throne: The Camarilla has been destroyed.
  • The Schism: The Sabbat has been destroyed.
  • Caern Wars: The Gaian Garou and the Traditional Mages have nearly wiped themselves out.
  • Court of Blood:The vampires have adopted a NEO-Feudal system using Barons.
  • Witchcraft: Simple, ritual magic is possible for those who are not awakened.