Creating a Character for DM is quite easy. Just log into the game at and launch yourself into chargen. Once you've created the basic concept of the character, then jump back here to build the wiki page for them so that the other players know who you've built.

Be sure to check out the 'Setting ' page as well as the 'Spheres ' page to see what is currently going on in the Mush's storyline.

Characters can be put into categories by SSN Status, or by Sphere. Those characters shown below are presumed to be 'Active'.

Active CharactersEdit

Vampire Mage Garou Wraith Mortal Mortal+

Featured NPC by SphereEdit

Vampire Mage Garou Mortal Mortal+
Category NPC/Garou not found
Category NPC/Mortal not found
Category NPC/Mortal+ not found

Featured NPC by LocationEdit

Wastelands LATMA

Building Your CharacterEdit

Main article: Char-Gen

Contributing To The GameEdit

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