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Changeling: The Lost
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Changeling: The Lost will be using the content / theme / mechanics of the New World of Darkness Game for its players.

Changelings, also known as the Lost, are humans who were abducted by the Fae. Unlike most who suffer this fate, the Lost have managed to find their way back through the Hedge to the mortal world, but their time in the Faerie realm (Arcadia) has irrevocably changed their bodies, minds and souls. A Changeling's true, inhuman mien is hidden by the Mask, the aspect of Fae magic that makes Faerie creatures and artefacts seem mundane to mortal eyes, but very few Changelings are able to reclaim their old lives, or make entirely new ones, without retaining ties to the fae realm.

While every Changeling is unique, those who have shared similar experiences in Faerie notice similarities in the physical changes they have undergone. These loose categorizations are referred to as Seemings. Within each Seeming are more specific groupings called Kiths.

Changelings find themselves alienated from normal mortals, as they are no longer mortal themselves. They therefore often congregate into small groups, sometimes called motleys. More formally, they make use of ancient pacts made by the Fae with the seasons. They align themselves into seasonal Courts which offer them some measure of protection against the True Fae. Each Court has supernatural influence over a strong emotion and the physical aspects associated with their season.


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