The Camarilla
Important Information
Type Faction
Sphere Vampire
Known Members
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  • Use 'Camarilla' in your categories.
  • Those returning to the game should review the Conventions listed under this faction of the Vampire Sphere with particular emphasis to the Recent events listed below.
  • Those wishing to generate a new vampire should also review the Conventions and Recent Events but should also contact the ST for the Troupe that you wish to join.

Recent EventsEdit


Main article: The Clans

Vampire: RevisedEdit

The following is a list of the changes or adaptations made to the Vampire: Revised storyline.

  • The Gangrel did not, as a clan, defect from the Camarilla. 


  • The Camarilla survived The Fall relatively well and had plenty of strongholds to maintain their authority centers around the world.
  • Within the United States, known cities under Camarilla include:
    • Seattle
  • Around the world, known cities under the Camarilla include:
    • Vienna
    • Venice
    • England (the new heart of the Camarilla)