Briar "Rose"
Basic Information
Concept Wastelands Runner
Age Early 20s
Status Dark
Nature Innovator
Demeanor Survivor
Detailed Information
sphere Mortal+
faction Unknown
Troupe Wasteland Security


Goggles often wrap about her face, keeping the sands out of the plain brown eyes beneath. The tan line has made the goggles a permanent mark in rather ordinary features. The desert has absorbed a lot of the skins moisture, dried it out and weathered it with wrinkles adding age to this desert rat. A hooded hat keeps the almost bald head covered and the the sun at bay.

Clothes wrap about her, old hides tanned into pants, boots and backpack. Each hand stitched into shape. The pockets are numerous, filled and often bulging with their contents. Camo tops and fingerless gloves are all purpose driven in design and convienance. All her colors reflect the wastelands and tell how easily it would be to camoflage into that environment. The clothes aren't so useful for the city, they tell of a dark citizen use to fighting to survive. 

At 5'2 its easy to over look the athletic woman, her backpack and the machete she carries.  ==Recent History==



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