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Maltharius Maltharius 25 July 2015


I've posted the basic framework for the pages needed for the Changeling sphere.

I've added faction pages for the four courts Spring Court, Summer Court, etc. I've also added pages for the Seemings as well. Everything from Beast to Wizened are up with the basics from the World of Darkness wiki as well as their Icons. 

What we'll need is to start getting some sense of setting and how we're wanting to start including them into the rp-sphere. 

  • What conventions are possible with this?
  • Are we going to start a new Troupe for Changeling characters to start off as sort of a 'Beta Test'?
  • Do we need pages for all of the Changeling Contracts?
  • If so, should we then have pages for the various powers of the other sphers as well? (Vampire disciplines, Mage sphe…

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