Barstow is walled, most of the original city having been left to the entropy that settled in during and after The Fall. What remains is a ramshackle fortress, the walls patrolled by armed men and women. Within the walls, the basics are covered: living spaces, storage, entertainment. The roofs of many buildings are covered in makeshift farms and jugs, buckets, cans, barrels, and anything else that can collect water. While they do rely on trade, they also try to fend for themselves where they can.

The streets are generally populated, though Barstow isn't a large community by any stretch, perhaps no more than a few thousand subsisting here.

Barstow is considered to be west of the Las Vegas Freehold, and is halfway between LATMA and the ruins of Old Vegas

RP HooksEdit

  • A small base of Anarch vampires have set up shop within the Stronghold.
  • The Anarchs are said to run the Stronghold
  • Rumor has it that if you can't trade anything else for Ammo or Fuel, you can always trade blood as a Blood Boy or Blood Babe