Bakerstown is a trading post in the Wastelands on the Mojave Freeway that connects Barstow to Old Vegas

RP HooksEdit

  • The town is half way between the stronghold of Barstow and the pass at Moly Mountain. This means that they are someimes looked over by Runners while they're going back and forth on the highway. 
  • Since they're not a common stop, Bakerstown has had to specialize their trade to entice traders into their gates. They, like other Trading Posts, will sell fresh water from their wells, but they are also, somehow, able to sell -actual- bread; thus the name. 
  • Bakerstown's big secret for their food wealth is their ability to grow some variant of wheat which they do underground in grow-lamp fueled hydroponic bays. 
  • Bakerstown is one of the few places where people can buy actual plants with which to grow their own food and things.