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Ayl Mao
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Basic Information
Concept Cyberneticist/ChopDoc
Age 42
Status Bright
Nature Loner
Demeanor Survivor
Detailed Information
sphere Mortal
group n/a
faction n/a
position n/a
Troupe Prometheus Rising

Recent History[]

Ayl Mao Operates a licensed cybernetics and general practice clinic in former Santa Monica, serving it and the surrounding community.


In a word, dry. Dr. Mao is not known for being overly personable, though he's also not acerbic. Possessed of an uncanny emotional detachment, even regular patients just don't seem to have much of a grasp on who he is beyond a competent physician and cyberneticist. Aside from a few seemingly foreign mannerisms, he is as everyday as a person can be, even seeming bland to most.

RP Hooks[]

Dr. Mao is available for most medical necessities and cybernetic procedures on a legal basis. He accepts LATMA and corporately provided healthcare plans, as well as up-front, direct debit remuneration for services. Additionally he offers consultation services for research and development firms.

He is not known for having much of a social life, but can occasionally be caught while on daily errands, usually at local grocers and gardening supply outlets.


Changeling Cosmetic alterations are available and are a minor specialty of the clinic. Please forward requests to my voicemail. Health plans must have explicit riders for cosmetic procedures.


Mage No, really, I'm just a doctor.
Mortal I try to keep to myself. Your business is your own.


Hair removal falls under cosmetic alteration, however can be offered at significantly lower prices, due to the simplicity of the procedure.
Wraith What?
Vampire I'm not a dentist, but I'll see what I can do.

Gallery / Props[]

To be added.


RP Logs[]