Arianna "Ari" Fox
Basic Information
Concept Wastelands Runner
Age Early 20s
Status Bright
Nature Caregiver
Demeanor Bravo
Detailed Information
sphere Mortal
group Aegis Security
faction Unknown
position Security Contractor
Troupe Prometheus Rising

Legacy Edit

Arianna is the daughter of Marcus Fox, somewhat notorious for his brash leadership of Aegis Security, two decades ago, that led to open warfare between Aegis and an unknown vampire organization (Sabbat) in the streets of Pasadena. This bloody conflict led to Aegis' holdings in Pasadena being sold to Stig-Martyr.

Marcus was also well known, at the time, as the vigilante Shadow Cross.

Marcus Fox was reported killed years ago, but Arianna would be well-cared-for, growing up in a corporate enclave in NewBos.

Now that she's come of age, she has decided to follow in her father's footsteps by joining the company.

Her first assignment: LATMA.

There, she would contract out as a wastelands runner, providing security for anyone traveling there who could afford the contract.

With this position, she intends to find information on her father...

Personality Edit


Sometimes accused of being 'harsh', Ari is impatient and generally intolerant of people who are 'destined to get themselves killed in the worst ways possible'. She is often viewed as unapproachable and she rarely smiles.

One co-worker has recently accused her of being the spokesperson for Vitamin Bitch.

Ari's Journal Edit

RP Hooks Edit

  • Security guard for hire.
  • Will entertain taking bounties in Dark zones.
  • Knows of the existence of vampires and werewolves, but has never encountered one that she is aware of.
  • While it is publicly known that she is the daughter of Marcus Fox, she isn't exactly famous for it.
  • Ari is known to frequent Grey areas like Chula Vista and Chinatown .
  • When in the Wastes, she uses Barstow as a resupply point and staging area for operations.

Associates Edit

Who wants to come play with Ari, I wonder?

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Soundtrack Edit

Mad World - Gary Jules, Cover by Melissa

Warriors - Imagine Dragons (Password: darkmetal)

Gone Away - Five Finger Death Punch

Pompeii - Bastille

Demons - Imagine Dragons, Cover by Jasmine Thompson

Sweet Dreams - Emily Browning/Marylin Manson

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