Anubis Industries
Important Information
Type NPC Faction
Sphere Mortal
Known Members
None Known

Anubis Industries is a corporation that has its base of operation within the Hind-Manchu territories north of LATMA. Rumored to be a supernaturally-owned corporation through the Oni Accords, the corporation originated in Egypt and then moved its operations to the West Coast of the former United States when the political and economic climate became too unstable at their original location.

Anubis Industries has a number of diversified interests and seems to always be poised for a break through or technological innovation at just the right moment to keep themselves going.

Known InnovationsEdit

Rp HooksEdit

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    Because the corporation is owned by a Supernatural, the Consortium will not allow them to conduct business within their territory.
  • Anubis agents (mortal) have been identified and detained in a few corporations within LATMA within the past year.
  • It is rumored that GenCorp actually stole the genetic blue prints for New U from Anubis' research division and was able to get it to market first.
  • Similarly, there is another rumor that suggests that Anubis, being a 'Super-Corp' can't operate within LATMA and so entered into a partnership with GenCorp a 'Mortal-Corp' that could. This allowed the drug New U to be sold within the territory. 


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