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Sphere Vampire
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  • Use 'Anarch' in your categories.
  • Those returning to the game should review the Conventions listed under this faction of the Vampire Sphere with particular emphasis to the Recent events listed below.
  • Those wishing to generate a new vampire should also review the Conventions and Recent Events but should also contact the ST for the Troupe that you wish to join.

Recent EventsEdit

With the effective collapse and end of the Camarilla in The Broken Throne and the Sabbat in The Schism, the Anarchs have once again claimed much of the territory on the west coast. Implementing a Neo-Feudal system of government that more closely resembles the dark ages, the Anarchs and a handful of other vampires (plus some Independent Clans) have created the Baronies of LATMA. Each town or territory now has a sitting Baron (Baroness) that rules over its borders.

They do so not because they have the traditional authority of Prince or Bishop but because they have the strength and power to impose their will upon those who hunt within their domain. Barons are not (necessarily) bullies. They are, however, the most powerful vampire within their domain who takes upon themselves the survival (and possible punishment) of those other Kindred who reside within their borders.

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Local NewsEdit

  • There's a small group of Anarchs that are running the Stronghold of Barstow out in the Wastelands


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