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Amaterasu Corporate Consortium
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Type NPC Faction
Sphere Mortal
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The Amaterasu Corporate Consortium

After the Fall, global society collapsed and, for a few years at least, reverted to a technological and social dark age. Pre-Fall nations and governments were gone, and it was Japan's Amaterasu consortium of corporations that first rose from the ashes. Since then it's power and influence has been eclipsed by the neighboring Hind-Manchu Empire, but as the first consortium, it had a great influence on the new societies emerging across the globe.



After the Fall, commerce collapsed and reverted primarily to barter and locally-produced scrip. The Amaterasu Consortium was the first to begin generating a stable currency, called NuYen, which was quickly adopted worldwide as a basis for commerce. Even today, after electronic 'credits' has replaced most forms of currency, most people refer to money as 'NuYen'.

The Matrix[]

A primitive form of the world wide web had been reestablished after the Fall, but it was painfully slow. It was the ComSec Corporation, then a member of the Amaterasu Consortium, who finally created the OPpTI network that became the backbone of the global Matrix.


At the rise of the Hind-Manchu Empire, the Amaterasu Consortium's influence began to wane. Many corporations, nervous about encroachment from the Hind-Manchu, moved their headquarters elsewhere. ComSec fractured as its Matrix security division was aggressively courted, and finally bought by and merged into, MetSec; ComSec R&D and other departments met similar fates, dispersing its expertise across the globe. Amaterasu remains a powerful consortium, but is no longer the global leader that it once was.