Dark Metal MUSH Wikia
Character Name
Basic Information
Concept Corporate CEO
Age 31
Status Bright
Nature Caregiver
Demeanor Celebrant
Detailed Information
sphere Mage
group Virtual Adepts
faction Traditions
position No official position
Troupe The Fallen

Recent History[]

Alyssa Morgan (or just Aly to most people) doesn't make a lot of noise, generally. She's a fairly public figure, being the CEO of her own small corporation.  That keeps her fairly busy.  She also does a fair amount of work (and play) in the Matrix, but does occasionally go out to clubs, especially to visit with friends.  She's been known to be very willing to help in solving problems, especially for her friends.


Aly likes to have fun.  She was rich before she started her own corporation, and her success as a CEO has only compounded her wealth.  Her corporation is as big as she wants it to be for now and mostly runs on auto-pilot now, which leaves her time to do what she likes best:  Enjoy life.

She's kind, though she can be a little overbearing once in a while.  She has a good sense of humor and is usually quick to smile and laugh. 

She doesn't have any particular dislike for any group of individuals, as long as they're decent folks.  She's known many vampires and several garou and other shifters since she awakened as a mage.  A few she's had issues with but most of them she has called friend.

None of this is to say that Aly won't throw down when the need arises. If anyone is threatening her or her friends, she will usually put a quick end to the problem. She especially dislikes bullies. One of the surest ways to get yourself on her shit-list is to start pushing around people that can't protect themselves.

RP Hooks[]

  • Aly likes to hang out at clubs and bars and be around people
  • Aly grew up in LATMA.  Her parents are wealthy and she's done very well for herself, too.
  • Aly's been known to be interested in actual 'adventuring,' such as expeditions to foreign countries, searching for treasures, etc.  She's a bit of an historian and loves studying ancient cultures as a hobby
  • Being a Virtual Adept, Aly is obviously active in the Matrix. It's not at all unreasonable that you could run into her in the virtual world - Just let me know if you want to set something like that up as a scene.


RP Logs[]

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