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Type Item / Technology
Status Bright
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Sphere Mortal
Faction Corporations
ST Wyck
Troupe Prometheus Rising
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Alien Tech

Arc Roamer

An Arc or A.R.C. (Armored Research Craft) is a large and heavily-constructed vehicle used to gather research material while out in the hazard environments such as the Wastelands. 

The A.R.C. projects were launched after the Fall to examine the radiated zones to see just how bad the damage was. The 44-foot long vechile is equipped with multiple power sources, scanning equipment, a mobile laboratory facility that can be constructed to attach itself to the vechicle as well as a large cargo hold to carry with it smaller craft such as motorcycles to scout the terrain. 

The typical secondary vehicle was called an ARC Roamer, a four-wheeled vehicle that could be driven into the rear cargo hatch and drive around while the main unit was anchored for testing. 


  • Can hold a crew of 6 
  • Basic lab facility tailored to mission
  • 1 ARC Roamer
  • 4 Ball Dones
  • EMP Shielded (since they were designed for radiation research)


  • Corporations with Resources of 5 can purchase permits to operate such a vehicle. 
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