OOC chat with Miasma Edit

note: parts of the conversation have been trimmed

From afar, Miasma can do another interview if now is convenient

You paged Miasma with 'Sure, let me get set up.'.

Miasma pages: cool

Long distance to Miasma: Wyrd will probably be a tad slow. Ready?

Miasma pages: sure :D

Miasma has arrived.

Wyrd says "So, what are Miasma's conditions and specifics for setting up the meeting?"

[... private character details omitted ...]

Wyrd says "Works for me."

Miasma says "He'd pick a place he knows well in Esconido, public, lots of witnesses, a place he can put out a jammer, but its the easiest way to prevent shenanigans, since its not like he is wanted or a known 47 or anything"

Wyrd says "Let's see... Atomic Cafe, Cybered Solstice, Lady Luck, San Marcos Mall-- any of those sound suitable, or would you like to make up a place?"

Miasma says "Lady Luck sounds like an auspicious place but the Mall is better."

Miasma says "lots of people is good."

Wyrd says "I think the mall is deserted, actually."

Wyrd says "Yeah, I don't know for sure why it's a hangout, it's a ruin."

Wyrd says "Your contact will refuse Lady Luck if suggested. I can't tell you why. ;)"

Miasma says "Weird, but let's make up a place. A well trafficed food court in the open, in daylight"

Miasma says "some place nice and ridiculously bright"

Wyrd says "Sounds good. We'll call it a random mall in Escondido's lower-income suburbs?"

Miasma says "works just fine for me"

Wyrd says "Will he make a point of arriving early, on time, or late? Do any recon?"

Miasma says "He always arrives early unless the terms of the meet forbid it, and even then he would send a drone overhead if they did. He would actually pick a place he knows at least three or ideally four exits from, along with places he can go pyschicly invisible with rleative ease"

Wyrd says "Are we assuming open-top mall or indoors?"

Wyrd says "And would he provide or request a photo or other means of identification?"

Miasma says "open top mall"

Miasma says "He'd provide half of a disposable quantum entangled chip that is used for one shot communications"

Miasma says "rather a matched chip"

Wyrd says "... I meant for finding his contact at the mall. ;)"

Miasma says "Along with a simple 12 word phrase like "The crow lies at midnight and makes like a tree and gets out of here.""

Miasma says "He provides the exact time and table."

Wyrd says "That also works."

Miasma says "He will literally be at the table for 5 minutes."

Wyrd says "Would you like to set the scene?"

Miasma says "certainly."